3 x 3 Rubber Utility Mat

Durable & Versatile Rubber Mats, Made In Canada Made from recycled materials, they come brand new, unused and great for an abundance of applications.

3ft X 3ft, 2-3 mm thick 3.5-4.5 lbs a piece Waterproof Easy to clean Burn resistant Tough but flexible Easy to transport Will not degrade over time Significantly reduces dust Absorbs impact/reduces fatigue Easy to modify into custom sizes and shapes.

Great for Home Gyms, Yoga Mats, Shop Floors, Entrances, Ramps, Decks, Pets, Boats, RV Skirting, Campgrounds, RV Parks, Playgrounds, Beach, Truck Box Liners, Garages, Tool Box Liners, Boat Bottoms, Basements, under Pools & Hot Tubs, Walkways, Weed Barrier, etc. *Excellent for painters/tradesmen to protect flooring while working. They fit into corners, stay in place, can be vacuumed and simply roll up when the job is done.

The mats slightly differ between individual units. They are -NOT- completely uniform because they are seconds.
Pictures are of 4 x 6 mats

3 x 3 Rubber Mat Pricing

We offer bulk pricing and can ship Canada-wide

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

1-10$12 each
11-20$11 each
21+$10 each