Snap grid Lx – garage floor tiles

Easy-to-install SnapGRID™ garage interlocking tiles are durable, fully portable, and outperform vinyl and rubber flooring options in any garage or shop application where exposure to accumulated moisture is a concern. SnapGRID™ snap-together garage tiles create a self-draining surface and provide extra grip and safety. Easily configured to suit your specific needs, SnapGRID™ workshop floor tiles are easy to work with, easy to clean, and ultra-durable.

  • Easy to clean and maintain shop tiles – eliminates water problem areas
  • Easy interlocking installation – provides quick coverage of any size area
  • Anti-slip GatorSKIN – added safety and traction
  • Cosmetically appealing “cushioned” surface – available in a variety of colours
  • Maximum durability and multi-purpose drainage tiles
available sizes: 1′ X 1′
Thickness: 1/2″
Installation: DIY, interlocking
Product type: tiles
SnapGRID™ LX – Garage Floor Tiles
nightfall black
SnapGRID™ LX – Garage Floor Tiles
navy blue
rock grey
SnapGRID™ LX – Garage Floor Tiles
raptors red
SnapGRID™ LX – Garage Floor Tiles
natural beige
garage tiles blue
bold blue

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Free-draining SnapGRID™ garage and workshop tiles feature all-new XpandBAND technology, designed to comfortably expand and contract in extreme Canadian climates. Manufactured to withstand extensive UV exposure and excessive use, SnapGRID™ interlocking garage tiles simply snap together to create a slip-resistant surface of any size- without the use of special tools. Featuring slip-resistant GatorSKIN textured surface for added traction, safety and comfort are paramount; these workshop flooring tiles are ultra-comfortable to walk on- adding comfort and relief to feet, legs, and back while you tinker away at projects.

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