dura rubber – Horse mats

dura rubber – horse mats

The DuraRUBBER™ mats for horses and livestock are incredibly strong and adaptable, suitable for any agricultural setting. They are designed to be nearly indestructible and can be installed in two different ways. Installing the Honeycomb surface side up will provide anti-fatigue benefits and multidirectional drainage. Alternatively, installing the FlowGRIP surface side up will ensure maximum traction and prevent surface moisture accumulation. These durable and versatile mats are an excellent solution for any agricultural application that requires a long-lasting, high-quality rubber mat with a premium look and feel that will last for many years.

  • Designed to endure heavy-duty agricultural wear and tear, maximum durability
  • Versatility – unique reversible design offers a multi-purpose rubber agricultural mat
  • Multi Directional Drainage – Honeycomb rubber surface side up allows moisture to be channelled away beneath; FlowGRIP surface eliminates accumulated surface moisture
  • Traction – FlowGRIP surface provides maximum grip for foot & hoof traffic
  • Cost Effective – rubber stall mats reduce the cost of injury treatment, bedding costs, and labour costs for mucking, for long term savings
  • Safety – Honeycomb surface provides slip-resistance to minimize injury from slips and falls
  • Comfort – Honeycomb surface offers anti fatigue properties to reduce stress to feet and legs while insulating against the cold and damp ground beneath
  • Easy Maintenance – nonporous hexagonal rubber mats can be easily swept, shovelled or hosed clean
available sizes 6′ X 4′
Product type: mats
thickness: 1/2″, 3/4″
installation: DIY, loose lay

Pricing for 1.2″

$5.29/Sq.ft $126.96 for 24sqft

Pricing for 3/4″

$6.99/Sq.ft $167.79 for 24sqft

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