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Air Rower X-RIVAL XR900

Air Rower X-RIVAL XR900

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  1. Dynamic Air Resistance: Experience a smooth and natural rowing motion with adjustable air resistance. The harder and faster you row, the greater the resistance, allowing for a customized and challenging workout suitable for all fitness levels.

  2. Full-Body Workout: Engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Our Air Rower targets your legs, back, arms, and core, providing a comprehensive and efficient full-body workout with every stroke.

  3. Built-In Performance Monitor: Stay informed and motivated with the integrated performance monitor. Track key metrics such as time, distance, strokes per minute, and calories burned, helping you monitor and achieve your fitness goals.

  4. Adjustable Resistance Levels: Tailor your workout to your fitness level. Easily adjust the resistance to increase or decrease the intensity of your rowing session, providing versatility for both beginners and seasoned athletes.

  5. Compact and Space-Saving Design: With its streamlined and foldable design, our Air Rower is perfect for homes with limited space. Easily store it away after use, maximizing your living area without compromising on performance.

Achieve your fitness goals with our Air Rower – a dynamic, space-saving, and versatile exercise machine that delivers a full-body workout. Order now and experience the benefits of rowing in the comfort of your own home.

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