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Multi-Function Smith Mach

Multi-Function Smith Mach

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  • Solid 3x3" Steel Mastery: The XR11 is fortified with a rock-solid 3x3" steel frame, defining the pinnacle of durability. This industrial-grade foundation guarantees unwavering stability during your most rigorous workouts, enabling you to focus on your strength goals without compromise.

  • Harmonious Smith Machine and Power Rack Integration: Witness the seamless marriage of a Smith Machine and Power Rack, unlocking an unmatched spectrum of workout possibilities. The XR11 seamlessly blends the guided precision of a Smith Machine with the freedom and adaptability of a Power Rack, catering to an array of exercises to suit your fitness needs.

  • Crafted Precision with the Smith Bar: Enjoy elevated lifts with the XR11's precision-guided Smith Bar, ensuring fluid and controlled movements. Whether you're perfecting squats, mastering bench presses, or diving into various exercises, the XR11 prioritizes safety and precision, empowering you to maximize form and intensity.

  • Tailored Safety Hooks and J-Hooks: Customize your workout experience with adjustable safety hooks and J-hooks, catering to users of all fitness levels. Find the ideal height for your lifts, enhancing both comfort and safety throughout each and every training session.

  • Dual Pulley Dominance in the Cable System: Unleash the potential of the XR11's dual-pulley, comprehensive cable system. Explore a multitude of exercise options, precisely targeting muscle groups with efficiency and variety, injecting a dynamic edge into your strength training routine.

  • Versatile Pull-Up Excellence: Amplify your upper body workouts with the integrated multi-function pull-up bar. Featuring various grip positions, this addition injects versatility and intensity into your training schedule!

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