Interlocking Rubber floor tiles

Interlocking Rubber floor tiles

VersaRUBBER™ interlocking rubber floor tiles are considered to be the most adaptable rubber flooring solution in the market. They are slip-resistant, robust, and simple to clean, making them ideal for various settings such as fitness centers, retail stores, garages, basements, and animal and industrial flooring. These rubber tiles are produced with high standards and optimized for safety and comfort, with low VOC levels. They are an excellent option to improve the comfort and aesthetics of any high-traffic area.

  • The tiles are designed to be highly versatile, with a size of 22.5″x22.5″, making them suitable for various floor applications and configurations.
  • Each box contains six tiles and accompanying edges, allowing you to create a 6′ x 4′ mat.
  • The use of vulcanized rubber enhances elasticity, resilience, tensile strength, and resistance to weather conditions.
  • The product is exceptionally durable, specifically designed to withstand high traffic areas and resistant to damage.
  • The product prioritizes safety and comfort, featuring an impact-absorbent and slip-resistant surface to provide added traction.
  • Installation is made easy with the product’s interlocking VersaRUBBER™ rubber tiles, which can be pressed in place for quick and effortless temporary or portable use.
  • Maintaining the product is hassle-free as it does not require any waxes or finishes.
  • The product is environmentally sustainable as it is made from recycled rubber and qualifies for LEED credits.The rubber used in the product’s dual-layer design is vulcanized, making it non-porous and repellant to liquids
  • Non-Porous – dual-layer, vulcanized rubber repels liquids
Available Sizes: 6 Tiles/Box x Each Tile 22.5″ X 22.5″
Thickness: 5/16″ (8mm)
Installation: DIY, Interlocking, Loose Lay
Product-type: Interlock
vex black
Venom grey
vivid blue
vino red
Web Designer
24 sq. ft total

$117.45 6 tiles per purchase

$128.45 for colour speckle

VersaRUBBER™ multi-purpose interlocking rubber floor tiles are an exceptional value, available in various vivid colors. They are simple to install and can be laid without adhesive, providing a practical and flexible rubber flooring solution for both permanent and temporary use. The product’s non-porous surface repels liquid spills, minimizing maintenance and clean-up. Additionally, the non-slip, anti-bacterial rubber interlocking tiles are engineered to withstand heavy use.

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