Heavy duty Rubber mats

Dura rubber mats

Engineered for outstanding performance in heavy weight, high impact, and abrasive applications, heavy duty DuraRUBBER™ Commercial & Industrial Rubber Mats are the long-lasting rubber flooring solution for any frequently used demanding manufacturing space. For maximum versatility, DuraRUBBER™ vulcanized commercial matting and for heavy impact resistance and multidirectional drainage beneath, install the non-slip Honeycomb surface facing up; for maximum traction and to eliminate accumulated surface moisture, install the FlowGRIP rubber surface facing up. Ultra durable DuraRUBBER™ rubber industrial mats are great everywhere from manufacturing assembly lines, industrial workshop pads, mechanic bay rubber mats, to warehouse matting.

  • Heavy Duty – high tolerance to heavy loads/equipment and abrasive exposure
  • Versatility – unique reversible design for multi-purpose rubber commercial tiles and mats
  • Heavy Impact Resistant – protection from heavy machinery
  • Safety & Comfort – anti-skid surface to resist slippage, and anti-fatigue to reduce stress on joints
  • Traction – FlowGRIP waterproof rubber surface provides maximum grip for wet and dry foot traffic
  • Hygienic – nonporous rubber surface prevents the opportunity for germs to propagate
  • Multi-Directional Drainage – Honeycomb rubber side up allows moisture to be channeled away beneath; FlowGRIP rubber surface eliminates accumulated surface moisture
  • Easy to install & remove – loose lay for an easily removable rubber industrial flooring solution
  • Easy Maintenance – nonporous hexagonal rubber mats can be easily swept or hosed clean
available sizes 6′ X 4′
Product type: mats
thickness: 1/2″, 3/4″
installation: DIY, loose


1/2″ Thickness: $5.30/sqft (24/sqft $127.20)

3/4″ Thickness: $6.99/sqft (24/sqft $167.76)

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