Rubber Mulch


We are introducing a cutting edge new product called Rubber Mulch.

Rubber Mulch is a new product carried in our Calgary store that is perfect for residential and commercial landscaping. This new product we carry is also an eco-friendly, non-toxic alternative to traditional wood mulch for landscaping and playgrounds and when compared to wood mulch, rubber mulch is safer, more cost-effective, durable, environmentally-friendly and lower-maintenance. To see all of these new products, please check our many images and examples that we have in store and online today!

Standard Colours: Grey, Black, Brown, Red.


1 – 10:        $23.99 Per Bag (35 Lbs.)

11 – 40:      $22.99 Per Bag (35 Lbs.)

41 – 100:    $21.99 Per Bag (35 Lbs.)

NOTE: One 35 Lbs. Bag Covers Approximately 10 Square Feet At An Average Depth Of 1.5 To 2 Inches.

1.3 ft3 / 2250 Cu In.

(Covers Approximately 10 Sq. Ft. At 1.5” Thick)

  • Prices Subject to Change.


Rubber Mulch Nuggets are the perfect loose-fill groundcover for landscaping and playground applications. A 12 year colour guarantee means that you can stop annual mulching , save time and money. Rated as the safest playground surface, it has a fall height rating 2X that of wood mulch, leading to fewer bumps and bruises. Made from 100% recycled rubber, Rubber Mulch Nuggets will help prevent weed growth and will not attract damaging insects such as termites or carpenter ants.

Standard Colours To Choose From: Brown, Black, and Redwood.


1-10: $11.99 Per Bag (20 lbs.)

11-40: $10.99 Per Bag (20 lbs.)

41-100: $9.99 Per Bag (20 lbs.)

NOTE: One 20Lbs. Bag is (0.8 CU FT) 22.6L

*Prices Subject to Change