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Landscaping Products
Our artificial grass and rubber mulch will let you design your green space at a reasonable cost that will last a long time and save you time and money by lowering your maintenance costs.
Rubber Flooring
We carry rubber flooring for almost any purpose. We have what you need to protect your floors and yourself.
Healthcare Supplies
We supply everything needed in these trying times to stay safe. We specialize in large orders but can also handle smaller ones.
If you are looking for a recliner or lift chair our sister company have the best prices on the same products in Calgary. We can also ship Canada wide. So if you are looking for a recliner come on down to our showroom.
Industrial & Commercial Products
We offer thousands of Industrial and Commercial products at a great price through our sister company Budget Industrial

About Our Company

Here at Goliath Products Canada we have a wealth of experience with helping customers to get what they need for their next project. Our Canada-wide network ensure that we can get high quality products at an affordable price to our end costumers. Our head office is located in Calgary, but we have dealers all over the country.


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