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Bermuda Pro Putt, 15' Width

Bermuda Pro Putt, 15' Width

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Bermuda Pro stands as the pinnacle of realism, delivering unparalleled playability and feel. This elite surface offers a natural reaction to both distance shots and short chips, providing an authentic golfing experience. The optimal combination of fiber density and infill sand ensures the ball reacts naturally upon impact and while putting on the green. PGA professionals and top-tier golfers alike appreciate the lifelike experience it brings to home or training facilities. With a color blend of field green and emerald, it creates a realistic ambiance both on and off the putting green.

Face Weight: 62 oz
Backing: Urethane
Color: Field Green / Emerald
Pile Height: 0.95″
Total Product Weight: 89 oz
Warranty: 8 years (Residential)
Order, production ETA: 1-2 Weeks. Call to confirm.


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