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DuraRUBBER® – Equine & Livestock Mats

DuraRUBBER® – Equine & Livestock Mats

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DuraRUBBER® Equine & Livestock mats are engineered for the peak durability and flexibility needed in agricultural settings. These nearly indestructible premium equine mats offer dual installation options: with the non-slip Honeycomb texture on top for antifatigue advantages and effective multidirectional drainage, or with the FlowGRIP texture facing up for unparalleled traction and efficient moisture removal from the surface. Ideal for a variety of agricultural uses, DuraRUBBER® rubber mats for cows and horses are the optimal choice, providing lasting durability, a superior fit, and a high-quality finish for years of use.

  • Unmatched Strength – Crafted to endure the rigorous demands of agricultural use.
  • Flexible Use – Features a reversible design for versatile rubber mat applications in agriculture.
  • Efficient Moisture Management – The Honeycomb side facilitates under-mat moisture channeling, while the FlowGRIP side effectively prevents moisture accumulation on the surface.
  • Enhanced Traction – The FlowGRIP texture ensures optimal traction for both foot and hoof traffic, enhancing safety.
  • Economic Benefits – These stall mats significantly reduce expenses related to injury treatments, bedding, and labor for cleaning, offering considerable long-term savings.
  • Injury Prevention – The Honeycomb texture’s slip-resistant quality helps prevent injuries due to slips and falls.
  • Superior Comfort – The anti-fatigue properties of the Honeycomb surface alleviate stress on feet and legs, providing insulation from cold and damp conditions.
  • Simple Upkeep – Made of nonporous hexagonal rubber, these mats are straightforward to clean, whether by sweeping, shoveling, or hosing down.
  • Sizes Offered: 6' x 4'
  • Thickness Options: 12mm (1/2"), 19mm (3/4")
  • Type of Product: Mats
  • Method of Installation: Do-It-Yourself, Loose Lay

DuraRUBBER® Equine & Livestock rubber mats deliver exceptional durability and versatility for farm and ranch applications, enhancing the safety and wellness of animals. These high-quality rubber mats are a smart investment, offering significant long-term savings over lower quality mats and disposable bedding by reducing labor, bedding costs, and veterinary expenses. Designed to resist heavy loads, abrasion, and wear without deforming, DuraRUBBER® mats are a superior choice for any agricultural setting.

Easy to install and capable of being loose laid, DuraRUBBER® mats work on almost any surface. They offer antifatigue benefits to animals, easing strain on joints and minimizing injury risks through excellent traction, even when wet. The mats' multidirectional drainage and nonporous surface help maintain hygiene and prevent diseases like hoof rot. Additionally, their design supports safe animal behaviors such as mounting and rising, while also controlling dust and odors, contributing to a healthier farm environment.

Ideal for a wide range of uses including barn aisles, stables, livestock pens, and milking parlors, DuraRUBBER® mats are built to withstand the demands of Canadian farm life. Whether used in cattle sheds, sheep pens, hog farms, horse stables, or veterinary clinics, these mats provide a durable, hygienic, and safe flooring solution for any agricultural need.

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