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Everblade 50, 15' Width

Everblade 50, 15' Width

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Ideal for light to moderate use areas, this superior 50 oz turf blends strength with remarkable softness and comfort. It's engineered to reduce surface heat, making it a perfect choice for landscaping and playgrounds.

Product Specifications:
  • Face Weight: 50 oz
  • Backing Material: Polyurethane for enhanced durability
  • Color: Vibrant Emerald & Lime Green
  • Pile Height: 1.5 inches for a lush look
  • Thatch: Golden layer for added realis
  • Warranty: 15 years (Residential)
  • Order, Production Time: ETA 1-2 Weeks. Call to confirm.

Recommended Use:

Primarily for landscaping and playgrounds
Suitable for areas experiencing light to moderate foot traffic

Key Features:

  • Expertly mimics natural grass aesthetics
  • Optimal 1.5-inch blade height for authentic grass appearance
  • Specially crafted polyurethane backing enhances seam integrity and longevity
  • Resilient to heat, frost, and UV exposure
  • Environmentally friendly with no adverse effects on surroundings
  • Fire-resistant and withstands chemical degradation
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