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Garage Containment Mat

Garage Containment Mat

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Garage containment mats can eliminate wet and dirty floors by providing a waterproof and adaptable solution. These tarpaulin mats are capable of containing various substances like slush, dirt, mud, grime, and even chemical spills in workshops. They can be conveniently rolled out to safeguard any flooring, and can be cleaned easily by spraying water. Moreover, when not in use, these mats can be effortlessly rolled up and stored.

Protective tarpaulin mat that is 100 percent waterproof keeps corrosive salt and snow off the floor.
Sturdy edge barriers keep spills contained and can hold up to 265 liquid litres.
Simple to use, clean, and store – just roll out for usage, spray down, and fold
Versatility – can be used anywhere that messes are better kept contained
Safety and comfort are enhanced by containing ice, snow, and water under your vehicle.

Size: Car 7′ X 16′ | Mid-Size/SUV 7′ 6″ X 18′ 6″

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