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GatorFIT® Lite Artificial Turf Rolls

GatorFIT® Lite Artificial Turf Rolls

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Width: 12'
Colour: Solid Green, ETA 1-2 Weeks

Maximize your workout intensity with the cost-effective GatorFIT® Lite gym turf, built for enduring performance. GatorFIT® Lite offers a balanced surface that allows workout equipment like sleds to move smoothly without compromising the resistance needed for rigorous training. Its SuperSOFT fibres ensure a superior comfort level compared to conventional gym turf, while the 5mm foam ActionBACK layer acts as a cushioned foundation, reducing the risk of injuries for athletes of all levels. Available in 12’ wide rolls, this versatile and easy-to-maintain GatorFIT® Lite indoor sports turf is the ideal choice for agility training centers, soccer fields, and fitness facilities seeking a durable and effective workout surface.

  • Multipurpose Usage: Designed for a wide range of applications, this artificial athletic turf meets diverse needs.
  • Joint Protection: Features a 5mm foam ActionBACK layer to absorb impact and protect athletes' joints.
  • Enhanced Comfort and Traction: Crafted with SuperSOFT fibre, ensuring both excellent grip and unparalleled comfort.
  • Ease of Installation: Available in manageable 12’ widths, ideal for both permanent installations and temporary setups.

Elevate your facility's aesthetic and functionality by incorporating the budget-friendly GatorFIT® Lite indoor artificial grass into your sports or athletic facility design. With its 12’ width, GatorFIT® Lite offers a compact alternative to traditional GatorFIT® turf, delivering a durable, safe, and easy-to-maintain surface that enhances comfort for training, stretching, and gameplay.

The hassle-free maintenance of GatorFIT® Lite eliminates the need for crumb rubber or sand infill, sidestepping the mess associated with conventional infilled synthetic grass fields. The absence of infill also allows for the flexibility of installing GatorFIT® Lite as either a permanent or removable flooring solution. Unique among artificial sports surfaces, GatorFIT® Lite is engineered with anti-fatigue properties to alleviate stress on athletes’ joints. It effectively absorbs the impact that would typically cause sports-related discomfort and injuries, unlike standard synthetic turf.

GatorFIT® Lite is ideally suited for various applications, including but not limited to soccer fields, sprint lanes, baseball batting cages, agility training areas, and field houses. Its 12’ wide rolls can be tailored to fit specific needs, starting from a minimum length of 5’. GatorFIT® Lite’s design and functionality make it a versatile choice for enhancing any sport or fitness conditioning space.



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