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GatorFIT® Sprint Artificial Turf Rolls

GatorFIT® Sprint Artificial Turf Rolls

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Width: 6'
Colour: Solid Green, ETA 2-4 Weeks. Call to Confirm.

Race to victory on the budget-friendly GatorFIT® Sprint athletic turf! This turf balances the need for adequate surface resistance for intensive training with the smooth glide necessary for sled exercises. GatorFIT® Sprint & Sled indoor gym turf stands out for its durability and safety, ensuring a comfortable surface for workouts, stretches, or races. Conveniently designed in 6’-wide rolls complete with pre-fabricated lanes, GatorFIT® Sprint requires no infill. This feature simplifies installation and upkeep, making it an adaptable, low-maintenance option for either temporary or permanent athletic flooring solutions.

  • Prefabricated lines and lanes for easy setup
  • Impact-attenuation with 5mm ActionBACK foam backing to protect athletes and reduce injuries
  • SuperSOFT fibre provides superior comfort and excellent traction
  • Versatile artificial athletic turf suitable for sprint lanes, sled push lanes, running lanes, and more

Revamp your training regimen with GatorFIT® Sprint turf, the ultimate artificial athletic turf for agility and specialized training. Featuring two pre-made lanes with white lines along each 6’-wide roll, GatorFIT® Sprint synthetic turf is perfect for athletes aiming to enhance their performance with lane-specific drills. Maintenance-free GatorFIT® Sled indoor turf fields require no infill, offering hassle-free installation as a permanent or removable option.

Renowned as the top-quality multi-purpose indoor athletic turf, GatorFIT® Sprint/Sled sport turf boasts ActionBACK 5mm foam backing for shock absorption, reducing impact on joints and minimizing sports-related pain and injuries. Paired with innovative SuperSOFT synthetic sport turf fibres, this turf provides a comfortable playing surface superior to traditional artificial turf products.

While commonly used in sport and fitness conditioning centers, GatorFIT® Sprint turf finds applications in various settings, including specialty training turf, agility turf, track & field, and more. Its pre-made lanes also make it suitable for specific uses such as artificial turf sprint lanes, synthetic turf sled push lanes, or athletic turf running lanes. GatorFIT® Sprint artificial turf rolls are available in 6’ widths with a minimum length of 10’.

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