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MasterGRASS ECO – Artificial Turf, 12" Width

MasterGRASS ECO – Artificial Turf, 12" Width

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Color: Olive
Width: 12'

Achieve the envy of the neighborhood with MasterGRASS ECO artificial landscape grass at an affordable price! Ideal for front and backyard installations, dog runs, play areas, and more, MasterGRASS ECO synthetic turf is also perfect for tradeshows and exhibitions. Offering a realistic look and feel, MasterGRASS ECO provides a budget-friendly solution for residential and commercial landscapes, surpassing the appearance of many other artificial grass options.

  • Economical choice without sacrificing quality - features a slightly shorter grass height for cost savings
  • Low maintenance - eliminates the need for mowing, watering, and weeding
  • Durable - crafted from durable PE straight yarn and PP thatch for long-lasting performance
  • Manageable - available in 12’ rolls for convenient shipping, unloading, and installation
  • Ultra-realistic - showcases a two-color primary fiber with a shorter, curlier two-tone thatch beneath
  • Installation: DIY, Loose Lay, Professional Install
  • Product-type: Rolls
  • Face Weight: 45oz.
  • Pile Height: 34mm (1-3/8")

Transform your yard into a hassle-free oasis with MasterGRASS ECO synthetic turf, the most affordable and lifelike synthetic landscape solution available. Unlike perfectly manicured lawns that can look artificial on a large scale, MasterGRASS ECO offers a natural appearance with its soft two-color primary fiber and shorter, curlier two-color thatch. This natural variation mimics the look of real grass found in Canadian climates, unlike the impeccably kept lawns seen in warmer regions like Arizona or California.

Not only does MasterGRASS ECO provide a realistic look, but it also slashes maintenance costs associated with traditional sod and grass lawns. While your neighbors are busy with watering and mowing, you can relax and enjoy your effortlessly beautiful MasterGRASS ECO synthetic lawn.

Crafted from durable primary blades and a soft secondary thatch, MasterGRASS ECO is built to withstand harsh Canadian climates. Its lightweight PP and color-resistant PE yarn ensure long-lasting performance in various indoor and outdoor settings, including backyards, front yards, dog runs, playgrounds, and more.

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