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MasterGRASS LUX – Artificial Turf 12' Width, Lime

MasterGRASS LUX – Artificial Turf 12' Width, Lime

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Color: Lime
Width: 12'

Why settle for a labor-intensive, natural lawn when you can enjoy the lushness without the hassle? MasterGRASS LUX synthetic turf offers a solution for front and backyard landscaping, dog runs, playgrounds, and even trade shows. With no infill required, the soft grass fibers and lush secondary thatch material stand up on their own, reducing installation time, tools, materials, mess, and cost. Whether used indoors or outdoors, MasterGRASS LUX artificial turf provides the most realistic look and feel in Canada, resembling natural grass.

  • Ultra Realistic: Soft fibers and lush secondary thatch material create a natural look and feel.
  • Easy Installation: Fibers stand up on their own, no infill required, resulting in fewer tools and materials, less installation time, reduced mess, and lower cost.
  • Low Maintenance: No infill means no top dressing mess or the need to replenish infill regularly.
  • Durable: Constructed with tough, long-lasting PE straight yarn and PP thatch.
  • Manageable: Available in 12' and 6' rolls for convenient shipping, unloading, and installation.
  • Production time: Estimated 1-2 Weeks. Call to confirm.
  • Face Weight: 80oz
  • Color: Lime or Olive

Enhance your environment with MasterGRASS LUX artificial grass, providing the most authentic and natural-looking solution for artificial landscape grass. Unlike typical artificial turf designed for warm climates like Arizona and California, MasterGRASS LUX is tailored for the Canadian landscape, offering a realistic appearance similar to traditional Canadian lawns.

With MasterGRASS LUX, there's no need for infill, resulting in significant time and cost savings during installation. Without infill, fewer tools and materials are required, reducing labor and mess. Plus, you'll avoid the yearly hassle of replenishing infill. Enjoy the benefits of a vibrant, maintenance-free synthetic lawn while your neighbors are busy with upkeep.

Crafted for durability in Canadian climates, MasterGRASS LUX features robust primary grass blades and soft, resilient secondary lawn thatch. Its flexible and chemical-resistant composition makes it ideal for various applications, including front and backyards, dog runs, playgrounds, and temporary setups like trade show booths.

Available in 6' and 12' widths, MasterGRASS LUX is manageable and versatile, facilitating easier shipping, handling, and installation. Whether for permanent landscaping or temporary events, MasterGRASS LUX offers a practical and realistic alternative to traditional lawns, making it perfect for a range of applications.

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