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PRO-Series Interlocking Rubber Tiles

PRO-Series Interlocking Rubber Tiles

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Pro-Series Rubber Interlocking Tiles, designed for multipurpose use, easily fit over concrete, wood, or any appropriate subfloor. They provide a range of benefits including shock and sound absorption, resilience, traction, and additional cushioning for various applications.

These tiles are built for longevity, offering protection from the impact of falls or dropping weights while featuring antifatigue benefits to alleviate stress from prolonged standing, reduce the risk of injuries from repetitive activities, and decrease both sound and vibration transmission.

Suitable for indoor gym spaces, whether they're set up at home or in commercial facilities, these gym tiles are free from odors and resist bacteria, mold, fungi, and water.

  • Superior Durability: Commercial-grade build for high-traffic gym environments.
  • Safety & Comfort: Anti-slip, anti-fatigue tiles lessen joint stress and injury risk.
  • Impact Attenuation: Reduces noise, shock, and vibration disruptions.
  • Multipurpose Use: Ideal for any busy indoor fitness area and activity.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Features colored EPDM granules for a stylish look that conceals dirt and dust.
  • Simple Installation: Easy to fit rubber puzzle tiles together, no advanced tools needed.
  • Flexibility: Options for loose-laying, taping down, or fully gluing to suit permanent or temporary setups.
  • Low Maintenance: Effortless upkeep for reduced long-term costs.
  • Eco-Friendly: Comprised of up to 92% recycled rubber, contributes to LEED credits.


  • Available Sizes: 2' x 2' (Tiles are 2′ X 2′ to outside edge of tabs. When installed 1 tile = 3.71 Sq.Ft. coverage)
  • Thickness Options: 10mm (3/8 inch), 6mm (1/4 inch)
  • Installation Method: Do-It-Yourself, Interlocking, Loose Lay
  • Product Type: Interlocking Tiles
  • Custom Colours available in all thicknesses by special order; MOQs may apply

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