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SnapGRID® LX – Modular Tiles

SnapGRID® LX – Modular Tiles

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The SnapGRID® interlocking modular flooring system offers unparalleled durability, portability, and performance, whether in athletic settings with moisture accumulation or extreme Canadian climates. These modular tiles feature a self-draining surface coupled with our exclusive GatorSKIN texture for superior grip and safety. Engineered with innovative XpandBAND technology, they effortlessly adapt to changing conditions, eliminating expansion and contraction issues.

Easily customizable to specific needs, our anti-bacterial anti-microbial modular tiles are effortless to install, clean, and exceptionally durable, making them an ideal long-lasting alternative for multi-purpose areas or wet areas requiring drainage. With a multi-purpose sports design ensuring excellent ball response, simple installation enabling year-round activity, and slip-resistant texture providing added traction for safety and comfort, SnapGRID® tiles offer unmatched versatility.

In addition, these modular tiles are ideal for garage and workshop areas, featuring the same XpandBAND technology for comfortable expansion and contraction in extreme climates. Engineered to withstand UV exposure and heavy use, they create a slip-resistant surface over cracked concrete and asphalt, transforming unsightly areas into free-flowing, anti-slip solutions.

Perfect for garage floors, shop flooring, man caves, and outdoor wet areas, SnapGRID® modular drainage tiles offer easy cleaning and maintenance, making them a perfect flooring solution for various applications.

  • Easy to clean and maintain shop tiles: These tiles effortlessly eliminate water problem areas, ensuring easy maintenance.
  • Easy interlocking installation: Providing quick coverage of any size area, these tiles feature an easy interlocking installation system.
  • Anti-slip GatorSKIN: For added safety and traction, these tiles are equipped with an anti-slip GatorSKIN surface.
  • Cosmetically appealing “cushioned” surface: Available in a variety of colors, these tiles feature a cosmetically appealing "cushioned" surface.
  • Maximum durability and multi-purpose drainage tiles: Built for maximum durability, these tiles serve as multi-purpose drainage solutions. Multi-purpose sports design: These tiles feature a design that caters to various sports activities, ensuring excellent ball response.
  • XpandBAND locking system: Engineered specifically for Canada’s extreme weather conditions, this system eliminates expansion and contraction issues.
  • Easy installation and year-round sports activity: These tiles are designed for easy installation and support year-round sports activities.
  • Slip-resistant GatorSKIN: Equipped with a slip-resistant GatorSKIN surface, these tiles provide added traction for safety and comfort.
  • Low maintenance: These tiles require minimal maintenance, eliminating the need for costly annual upkeep.
  • Available in a variety of colors: With a range of colors to choose from, these tiles can be customized to suit any preference or design aesthetic
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