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SnapGRID® XXL – Sports Base & Court Panels

SnapGRID® XXL – Sports Base & Court Panels

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SnapGRID® XXL interlocking base panels offer versatility in shape and size, making them suitable for any sport, stadium, or athletic court. Whether for permanent, temporary, or portable use, these panels serve as the ideal foundation for any athletic sports surface. Designed to be easily installed over a compact stone subgrade, they provide structure, drainage, and safety for various sports fields. These durable interlocking base systems can also be used as court flooring for sports such as basketball, pickleball, gaga ball, and hockey, or as a solid foundation for artificial turf fields.

  • All-in-one, economical game court solution: No expensive concrete pad required.
  • Simple interlocking tile installation: Provides quick coverage over any compact subgrade.
  • Fully portable sport multi-court: Easy to assemble, disassemble, transport, and store.
  • Multi-purpose athletic tiles: Provide excellent ball roll and bounce response for any sport.
  • Anti-fatigue: Provides comfort and eases tension for top athletic performance.
  • Drainage: Perforated tiles reduce downtime attributed to wet conditions.
  • Slip-resistant GatorSKIN surface: Added safety and traction for sudden changes in direction.
  • Ultra durable: Load-bearing tiles designed for high weight, high traffic exposure.
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