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TruGlu 2.0 – Resilient & Rubber Flooring Adhesive

TruGlu 2.0 – Resilient & Rubber Flooring Adhesive

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TruGlu 2.0 is the leading "green" pressure-sensitive resilient rubber flooring adhesive, certified for indoor air quality. Approved for installing various flooring materials indoors, this innovative adhesive features color change technology to indicate when it has flashed. Unlike other glues, TruGlu 2.0 enables immediate access for light traffic.

  • High initial tack & shear strength
  • Superior bond strength for long-term performance
  • Resistance to plasticizer migration
  • Powerful initial grab to reduce edge curl
  • Excellent trowel application
  • Solvent Free/Low VOC & very low odor
  • Spreads easily and easy clean-up with water
  • Helps contribute to LEED credits

TruGlu 2.0 adhesive has been formulated for the interior installation of rubber flooring, dimensionally stable luxury vinyl tile (LVT), luxury vinyl plank (LVP), vinyl sheet goods (homogeneous/heterogeneous), fiberglass backed sheet vinyl, carpet tile, resilient flooring and cork/rubber/foam underlayment over approved substrates.

TruGlu 2.0 provides superior bond strength, with a high moisture tolerance (not a barrier) and antimicrobial technology. Our easy to use rubber floor glue is easy to trowel on with a very low odor, and has a 12 hour working time. Unlike most floor glue, our TruGlu 2.0 allows for immediate light traffic access, with heavy traffic in 24 hours and heavy rolling loads in 48 hours.

Approved Subfloors:

APA underlayment grade plywood and OSB
Associated grade particleboard
Cement backer board
Cementitious and anhydrite screeds
Concrete and radiant heated subfloors that do not exceed 30°C
Existing well-bonded non-cushion-backed vinyl, tile, and sheet flooring
Fully secured cork underlayment
Gypsum and lightweight concrete (primed)
Terrazzo (properly prepared with all waxes and surface finishes removed)

Cleaning: When adhesive is wet - use a damp cloth to remove excess glue from the product. If TruGlu XD urethane adhesive is dried, it can be removed with mineral spirits or a safe solvent. (Always check compatibility on a test piece of flooring first.)

Cure Time: 12 Hours

Working Time: 12 Hours

Flash Time: 30-60 Minutes

Shelf-Life: 12 months

Storage: Product should be stored between 10-32°C (50-90°F). While the product is freeze-thaw stable, it is necessary to protect it from freezing.

RH: 99%

150-180 SF/ gallon (depending on usage)


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